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Selectively Cynical, Selectively Apathetic

Looking past the bullshit, discovering the truth

I carry the body of Sloth, the mind of voluntaryism, and the heart of Eric Cartman.


I come here to release my biggest rants of the day and to let bottled secrets loose. They're the accumulation of daydreams, musings, and inner hate that I hold. I hold a deeply reserved hatred for authoritarians, elitists, egoists, coercion, self-righteous pricks, hypocrites, people who can't take responsibility for their own actions, victimizers, self-entitled moralists, and fear/guilt-mongerers. And playing piano. I fucking HATE playing piano.

I am also anti-postmodernism though I am okay with deconstruction and satire if it's for entertainment purposes.


My dream is to travel to the Kingdom of Zeal.

1984, air, angry video game nerd, anti-entitlement, anti-political correctness, arthur c. brooks, astronomy, atul gawande, avatar: the last airbender, avenue q, aziraphale/crowley, board games, boy meets world, brave new world, bromance, buddhism, calvin and hobbes, candide, canon in d, card games, catch-22, catcher in the rye, celtic music, chrono trigger, clannad, classical music, cognitive science, conan/ai, cosmology, cruises, dalai lama, daria, dead poets society, death note, detective conan, dragon ball z: abridged, dragon fruit, enlightenment, eurotrance, fakir/ahiru, fanfiction, final fantasy vi, forrest gump, free will, freedom of speech, french culture, full metal panic: fumoffu, glados, good omens, guilty pleasures, health care, higurashi, history, howl's moving castle, instant gratification, j.d. salinger, joyeux noël, kaitou kid, kanon, kefka, kingdom of zeal, kobato, kyoto animation, la grande séduction, le petit prince, legend of zelda, libertarianism, link/midna, literature, lord of the rings, macaroni and cheese, mario kart, mashups, mean girls, mind and life institute, mint, mint tea, moral hazard, music boxes, nature vs. nurture, neuroplasticity, neuroscience, new age music, nintendo, orisinal, ouran high school, pachelbel, peter pronovost, phd comics, piano, pleasantville, portal, princess mononoke, princess tutu, privacy, psychology, puella magi madoka magica, reading, red velvet cake, robert kiyosaki, robot unicorn attack, ron paul, rubies, russell peters, satire, schindler's list, schrodinger's cat, scoopshipping, scrubs, slash, soundtracks, south park, spirituality, strawberry shortcake, stuff white people like, super smash bros., superbad, susan boyle, symphonic rock, tales of vesperia, techno, tendershipping, terry pratchett, tezuka/fuji, the big bang theory, the giver, the kite runner, the nostalgia critic, thich nhat hanh, thieves, tofu, trader joe's, trance, transcendentalism, trauma center, traveling, tv tropes, vgcats, video games, vilayanur ramachandran, vocaloids, voltaire, wallflowers, watchmen, wii, wikileaks, xkcd, yoga, yu-gi-oh: the abridged series, yuri/estelle