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Best. Song. Ever. [Aug. 22nd, 2011|12:25 am]
I didn't think I could find a song that knows EXACTLY what a person with depression goes through, but I finally found it... in the form of an insanely catchy J-pop song. The lyrics are just amazing and captures the exact thought process of someone who is depressed. It's not about a spoiled child wangsting about her grievances and pain (I'm looking at you Simple Plan <<), but how she feels numb and essentially worthless, as if her very existence were a waste of people's time. She's been disillusioned, which leads her to question everything, thinking she's been a fool the entire time. She has no idea who she is and can't trust humanity anymore. Then after some time she acknowledges how selfish she is, but still can't find the heart to give a damn about anyone or anything else, which leads to another cycle of feeling worthless. She can't lift a finger because she feels like she makes things worse, so she bides her time and prays that things will go better without her intervention. At the end of it all, she is just a very tired and emotionally exhausted person, and resigns to numbing herself to keep from feeling any more pain.

In the end that's what depression feels like: Tiring and numbing, with a dull ache. Repeat for X amount of years.

A few of the lyrics:
"Is there a future for someone like me? Do I belong in this world?
"Merely walking leaves me exhausted. So how could I care about anyone else?"
"Sadness only leaves me exhausted. And I'd rather live my days feeling nothing."

So onto the video! The animation is just beautiful.