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Message [May. 31st, 2011|09:57 am]
I always thought the idea that "Man plans and God laughs" was really cruel*. My interpretation of that sentence is that while Man is down on Earth planning the daily minutiae of his life, God just sits there on his almighty throne above and amuses himself as he watches man's frantic antics at trying to make himself useful in society. Maybe I misunderstand the quote but just the idea that God can sit there and deem our actions laughable in the long run really just bothers me. It makes everything we've ever lived or fought for seem trivial. Like, whether we win first or second place, how rich we are, or even how much the world loves or doesn't love us, "doesn't matter". Man's actions are intrinsically meaningless when there is a bigger plan or a higher plane of existence involved, according to God.

And I'm saying no. It DOES matter. Our emotions, our willingness to fight for our dignity and find our place in the world, what flavor ice cream to get, our skin color, and our desire to indulge ourselves in the finest things of life is not meaningless. Maybe it doesn't matter to God because he sits there high and mighty on his stupid throne, but it is meaningful for the man who inhabits a human body and lives on earth. So long as we inhabit such an environment, our human and earthly desires take precedence over other wants and needs. So long as we inhabit this environment, we are forced to make complex decisions that mean the difference between life and death. We cried. We agonized. We hurt each other. We succumbed to raw emotion. Why? Because somewhere down the line we believed that fighting for this earthly experience meant something. We plan because we have to and unless you can empathize with us then shut the fuck up. For you to laugh on your stupid throne and believe our actions and decisions were all laughable in the end is the most cruel thing you could have ever done.

*I honestly do not know if I interpreted this quote correctly or if it had some underlying ironic meaning/metaphor. I'm just taking it at face value for what it is. I heard this quote the other day and it infuriates me that it is supposed to be taken as an enlightened piece of knowledge with no context whatsoever.